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Theodore Roosevelt -- Republican and Bull Moose Parties

One of the Revived Citizens Party's heroes is Theodore Roosevelt, the president of the United States at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, 1901 - 1909.  The historian Edmund Morris's iconic name for him is Theodore Rex, as individualistic, intimidating and no-nonsense as one might imagine one of those large, gruff-looking dinosaurs was, like the T.-Rex replicas on display at museums, in the prehistoric era. 

Roosevelt's administration had no tolerance for shenanigans by avaricious big business interests, and was famous for busting up monopolies, or trusts, in the Ragtime Era.   Roosevelt also took a huge interest in environmental concerns by creating national parks and taking other bold steps to protect the environment.  "Theodore Rex" stared down international antagonists ("Speak softy and carry a big stick."), mediated a peace treaty, and invited educator/activist Booker T. Washington, a black man, to dinner at the White House, which was shocking in those days.

Roosevelt, a Republican during his presidency, didn't mind creating a 3rd party when he thought it would benefit the common man and woman, which he did after disgruntlement from watching his successor's administration, the Taft Administration.  Though Roosevelt's 3rd party bid for a non-consecutive third term as president ultimately failed, it was taken very seriously and won some states, and is a good reminder for Americans of the 21st Century that 3rd or 4th parties are sometimes necessary to shake up the major parties when they start taking the common person for granted.


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False Flag No. 1 For "Revived Citizens Party" Search

We have a funny feeling that it's not happenstance, but political, and not pro-Citizens, seeing that it's been written on our Blogger profile for a while that there is a "false flag" on the Google search engine about our party, the Revived Citizens Party, and today and in the past, the number 1 search item, not just the first page.  It persists in being this prominent for a long time, but there's nothing we can do about it except point it out.  

At least, there may be a silver lining, as it may garner us some votes that we otherwise would not get, because the particular left-wing newspaper that we're falsely associated with, somehow magically induces their followers to vote for candidates like a P. T. Barnum-like huckster.  We'll take votes wherever we can get them, but we would prefer that Google puts that "false flag" on page nine hundred-something for searches under our name, and better yet, not at all.

[Revised on Jan. 17, 2018.]

Mark Greene for Federal Way Mayor

I am officially announcing for Mayor of Federal Way, today, as I was able to obtain sufficient resources to file with the Elections Department on May 18th, 2017, and able to run a full campaign until the August 1st Primary, and hopefully beyond. This All-American Relief campaign will start picking up steam around the beginning of June, as now I'm concentrating on getting about 100 signs on the ground.  Next week, I will be sending out press releases to the major publications in our area: the Times, the News Tribune, and the Mirror.  For more information about this campaign of common sense philosophy and patriotic fervor, see my website and keep up with the posts on this blog, as they usually come about twice a week or more.

-- Mark Greene, Official Candidate for Mayor of Federal Way


Campaign Blog:  FW Politics

GMO Labeling I-1456 Is Still Active

Lieutenant Governor candidate Mark Greene is the sponsor of the current, active GMO labeling Initiative 1456 (Maddy Reiman is co-sponsor), and the initiative committee still needs a bunch of signatures before July 8th to get this on the ballot.  The only logical way that enough signatures can be gathered, especially at this late date, is for 570 people to volunteer to get 570 signatures each, and they must be gathered before July 5th so that there will be enough time to mail them to the Federal Way headquarters, and then processed and taken to Olympia just a few days later.

If possible, please, write today or tomorrow and make a firm commitment to get at least 500 signatures, and you can do this by delegating other volunteers to get the aggregate 500 - 570 signatures you will need.  

Remember, 4th of July activities and parades are just around the corner, so this would be an ideal time to take advantage of the large crowds at that time.  Time is short, so the sooner we get m…