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Theodore Roosevelt -- Republican and Bull Moose Parties

One of the Revived Citizens Party's heroes is Theodore Roosevelt, the president of the United States at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, 1901 - 1909.  The historian Edmund Morris's iconic name for him is Theodore Rex, as individualistic, intimidating and no-nonsense as one might imagine one of those large, gruff-looking dinosaurs was, like the T.-Rex replicas on display at museums, in the prehistoric era. 

Roosevelt's administration had no tolerance for shenanigans by avaricious big business interests, and was famous for busting up monopolies, or trusts, in the Ragtime Era.   Roosevelt also took a huge interest in environmental concerns by creating national parks and taking other bold steps to protect the environment.  "Theodore Rex" stared down international antagonists ("Speak softy and carry a big stick."), mediated a peace treaty, and invited educator/activist Booker T. Washington, a black man, to dinner at the White House, which was shocking in those days.

Roosevelt, a Republican during his presidency, didn't mind creating a 3rd party when he thought it would benefit the common man and woman, which he did after disgruntlement from watching his successor's administration, the Taft Administration.  Though Roosevelt's 3rd party bid for a non-consecutive third term as president ultimately failed, it was taken very seriously and won some states, and is a good reminder for Americans of the 21st Century that 3rd or 4th parties are sometimes necessary to shake up the major parties when they start taking the common person for granted.


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Our Washington State Lieutenant Governor Candidate Blog

There will be a special place to write about the Lieutenant Governor 2016 election, which I'm in, and specifically Washington state issues and matters, generally, even when the election is over.  All of the recent Lieutenant Governor posts on FW Politics will be carried over to the new blog, Washingtonian.  I am proud to be a natural-born American and a Washingtonian, and I will need your vote to stand up for the Common Man in our state and our nation.
[Originally posted on Washingtonian on April 29, 2016; revised on May 26, 2016.]